Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2019 – Games to Grab

Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2019 – Games to Grab


Black Friday is coming to a close, and Cyber Monday swings around. This year’s deals include some staggering price drops on top-tier games. Here are some of the best games you can still get for cheap before the sales are over.


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Resident Evil 2

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Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield travel to Raccoon City and end up getting separated in a zombie apocalypse. Play through both stories as they each try to escape. Kicking off our list is one of the highest-rated games of 2019. If you’re a fan of horror or just games in general, grab this gem while you can.


PC (Steam) – $19.79

PS4 (PlayStation Store) – $19.79

Xbox One (Microsoft Store) – $19.79


Devil May Cry 5




A demonic tree, the Qliphoth, has grown in Red Grave City and is feeding off humans. Join Dante, Nero, and V as they try to stop the corruption of the Qliphoth and find out the mystery behind it. Another amazing title of 2019, priced at an extremely cheap amount. Instead of buying the game itself, you can also get GamePass Ultimate for $1 right now, which includes Devil May Cry 5 and much more.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $1

Xbox One (Gamefly) – $12.99

PS4 (Gamefly) – $17.99

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition



Geralt of Rivia’s daughter goes missing on the run from the Wild Hunt. Explore the Continent (that’s literally the name of the land) as Geralt tracks down his daughter and the danger surrounding her. Every gamer should play at least a bit of The Witcher 3; it’s revolutionized modern gaming as we know it. The GOTY edition wraps up all the downloadable content into one neat package.


PC (Steam) – $14.99


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice



Taking place during the Sengoku period in Japan, a young lord is kidnapped. Wolf, a shinobi, attempts to save him and get revenge on the clan who took his lord in the process. I had to mention this game on this list for being one of the huge titles of the year but, the cheapest deal isn’t even a Cyber Monday deal, Gamefly just sells it for a mere $20.

PS4 (Gamefly) – $19.99

Xbox One (Gamefly) – $19.99

Kingdom Hearts 3



Sora, Donald, and Goofy are back in the final installment of Kingdom Hearts. Sora’s power of waking has been taken after his last battle with Xehanort. Sora and the team travel across different worlds to try to regain his power, so he can stop Xehanort’s plan to forge the X-blade. Kingdom Hearts has been a hallmark in gaming history and gave rise to many great JRPG’s. Even if your not a fan of the franchise, KH3 is worth checking out.


PS4/Xbox One (BestBuy) – $14.99


Total War: Warhammer II



A turn-based strategy game with multiple different factions, each with their own set of motives for conquering the others. Total War: Warhammer II rarely goes on sale too such a degree, it’s well worth the price.


PC (G2A) – $16.23

PC (Steam) – $20.39


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition



Cal Kestis awakens the Force and is hunted down by the Galactic Empire for it. He escapes and trains his abilities as a Jedi, while he tries to bring back the Jedi Order. This game just released, and it’s Deluxe Edition is an entire $20 off. Check out our article on Jedi Fallen Order Makes Me Upset At EA.


PS4 (Walmart) – 49.99

Xbox One (Walmart) – 49.99


Gears 5 and The Outer Worlds


The lowest Cyber Monday prices I could find on these two games were around $30, which makes sense because they both just released. Once again, Game Pass Ultimate offers these and more for $1. Even if you don’t have an Xbox One, you can get both of them on PC with an account. Game Pass Ultimate is too good of a deal to pass up. 


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – $1


If you enjoyed this list, head on over to some other articles we have like, Top 10 Best Playstation Exclusives of All Time, what games are you picking for Cyber Monday? Let us know down in the comments!


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