MMOs are the most in-depth virtual worlds you’ll ever see in gaming. They’re meant to simulate real worlds, economies, and ecosystems. These titles are built to last, but which one got out to a head start and grabbed the title of best MMO of 2018?

Winner – Boundless

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Why does Boundless deserve to be played? Because it’s different. Simple as that. Boundless marries the crafting and world-creation of Minecraft with the player cooperation and quest progression of an MMO. It isn’t every day when you can travel to a new location and see players sculpting the landscape as they see fit. As far as being an MMO goes, it’s a bit light on that front, with no quests in the vein of something like WoW or ESO. Instead, players are expected to be self-driven, and push themselves to explore. There’s a little documenting the world at large, and colonizing along the way for good measure. But strict quests would restrict the freedom that Boundless promotes, so i am glad they shy away from that.

Instead of quests, there are smaller objectives to achieve for exploring, trading, combat, etc. Credit has to go to the presentation, which is a clean yet easily recognizable style. Taking a page from Portal Knight’s book, Boundless represents the world in voxels (similar to the game Trove). While this does admittedly give Boundless a look similar to titles like Trove and Minecraft, the game’s art style and vibrant colors make it distinct from its competitors. Boundless is a survival MMO done right. It’s well deserving of the title best MMO of 2018.


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