Hello everyone,

We at Culture of Gaming are looking for Staff Writers and Editors.


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Are you interested in putting pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to a keyboard) and covering the latest news, featured editorials and AAA reviews? If so then you have come to the right place!

Culture of Gaming has come a long way in the past year averaging over 3,000 views daily and amassing a fantastic community in its wake. We at Culture of Gaming believe that we can be the next BIG THING in the Gaming Industry! To get there we need your help to do so.

Are you interested in putting your thoughts on paper and writing in-depth analysis articles on your favourite games? Well, we have the position for you.

Culture of Gaming is now also seeking Editorial and News writers. These writers will need to be able to follow article guidelines and write up content on the latest trends, discussion topics and even news.

You, of course, must have an excellent grasp of the English Language and be able to write a minimum of two articles a week. Editorial writers also have the opportunity to move into a Reviewer position as well.

The writer must be comfortable submitting at least TWO long-form articles a week of 800+ words, or two news articles a week. This will be sticking with the layout of Culture of Gamings other content and will usually revolve around a hot topic from the week etc.

Editorial Writers must also be comfortable with handling the occasional news article that Developers/Publishers or PR may require us to publish on site. our Current news program on-site is non-consistent, but Culture of Gaming is looking for dedicated and hard-working writers interested in jumping in and helping out where needed. Flexibility is KEY


CoG is also currently seeking Editors to join our team and help out with our on the spot Breaking News Editing and editorial content. As an editor for Culture of Gaming, your duties will include coordinating with our news writers, passing on feedback to our writers on their material, and also editing and publishing all news content written by and for Culture of Gaming. As an Editor, you will be required to manage a small team of writers. This will require you to find editorial ideas, coordinate who writes what and also ensure that all content is edited and published in a timely manner

Our editors will also communicate with our owner and admin staff. Currently, positions are unpaid. However, this hopefully will be changing soon.

You, of course, must have an excellent grasp of the English Language and be able to pick up the smallest of mistakes in articles. This position is a great start for budding editors who wish to move on to paid positions and receive a reference in return.

With all our roles, writers will be able to perform for monthly bonuses, giveaways of Game Codes, Review copies and so much more! We plan to make the CoG staff portal a memorable and rewarding one for all writers.

If you are interested in these roles email at [email protected] with any questions as well as your experience.

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