The indie games market has exploded in recent years. While it’s great that there are so many options aside from the giant public ally traded game companies, small companies now face bigger challenges. They must find a way to get noticed. This can be challenging without a fair amount of luck and creativity. It takes an innovative idea or new twist on an old idea to be successful. Crying Suns looks to add a new spin on the well worn rogue-like and space exploration genres.

An Enticing Peek

The game takes place in the ruins of the Galactic Empire. Players command a battleship through clusters of the empire to awaken OMNI machines. Dangers lie around every corner and every move could be your last. Being rogue-like, every run should bring players closer to unearthing the truth about the destruction of the Empire.

Crying Suns

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Players step into the shoes of the clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho, the best Admiral in Galactic Empire history. They awaken on the planet Gehenna, a facility with the pinnacle  of Empire technology. The de facto home base for Admiral Idaho.

Alt Shift, the French developers of Crying Suns, have promised a deep and procedurally generated universe for players to explore. They are hard at work designing, inspired by Sci-Fi universes such as Dune and Foundation. Players will use strategy in their quest when confronted with enemy warships. The graphics are a mix of pixel art and 3D effects.

Crying Suns

From the screenshots provided, Crying Suns looks to have a neon, Blade Runner feeling, shades of striking blues and deep blacks coating the scenery. This separates Alt Shift’s project from other games, sticking in the mind, impossible to forget.

Crying Suns scheduled a beta release for Q2 2018, preparing for a full release near the end of 2018 for a price of EUR 15-20. From what we’ve seen, this looks like an interesting title to keep an eye on.

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