It feels like the last two years have been a rush of remakes that didn’t just feel like tune ups. Crash Team Racing joined the portfolio this week with a new coat of paint and over 30 tracks that allow fans to relive the previous two games in full HD glory.

If anything the surge of remakes in video games is a start to an industry that is listening when it comes to reissues of games gone by. Square Enix for example had a bad habit of just releasing rehashes of Final Fantasy’s until recently with the true remake of Final Fantasy 7.

We have also seen Capcom do the impossible by stepping back on its recycling of titles to bring the rebirth of Resident Evil 2, which to many is the inspiration to this renaissance. It accomplished a stand in quality that fans and newcomers were worth of since the re-imagining of the first Resident Evil. The great part is that it has inspired in waves and remakes now don;t have to be the pipe dreams of the modder community waiting to be shut down publishers not willing to listen.

Source: Capcom

Crash Team Racing’s Home Run

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled paints a continued picture that gets us excited about the future. The game adds a ton of content along with race tracks that can be played for hours in a combination of different modes and tons of characters.

Activision‘s latest birthing pushes a brand new and surprising twist with an accessible online mode. What comes with this community building mechanic is also its content marketplace called the Pit Stop. The Pit Stop like Destiny and Anthem gives players a 24 hour refresh of content daily that can be purchased through in-game coins. These coins though are easy to acquire and don’t push microtransactions, or purchasable currency.

This is something all remakes so far have done well to stick to. Resident Evil 2 especially had the potential chops of shoving purchasable rations. However, with some partial resistance like Crash it keeps itself admirably contained. Its DLC never even needs to have an eye batted at it. Lots of its additional content is intentionally well made yet unneeded.

Crash Team Racing is a title that continues this trend. Its character selection adds a great pool of starter races with a ton of classic characters that all fit the stat pool of different skill sets. In 20 years I would have never even thought of playing as Ripper Roo; but Nitro-Fueled does well at re-balancing its cast.

Source: Beenox

Will The Future Stay Bright?

Our only problem is the future of the remake revolution. It only takes one publisher to see the cash grab potential of a brand new coat wrapped title. So far all of these games have been impressively self contained. Crash Team Racing pushes the furthest these games should go with bringing together a community.

Current hopes for many Triple A developers is to build the games as a service. They aim to unite players in sense of tribal grouping. In a way a lot of these games need to stay in the ways of the Playstation 3 generation. It allows players to…well play together but doesn’t become an office with layers. If these remakes were to expand beyond what they were originally conceptualized as then we may have a problem.

At the end of the day Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled in all its simplistic and linear content is another step in the right direction. We have waited for a remake to bring all the content we need remakes to bubble wrap themselves up as. Can this trend continue though? We just need to wait and see.

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