Could Overwatch Uprising Reveal Hero 27?

As we near the end of the year, Overwatch’s 7th Season is about to wrap up. While Season 8 will start soon, it also means that we are going to see special additions to the game soon. With “Blizzard World” and the special “Blizzard Themed” skins coming, the future of Overwatch is looking great for 2018.

While there are exciting things to look forward to coming soon, many in the community have begun to look ahead to the character who will be “Hero 27.” Blizzard’s release window for new heroes does follow a specific pattern; releasing heroes in July, November, and March.  This would mean that we are still months away from the next character addition, but it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and Jeff teasing fans on Twitch.

One of the many highlights of Jeff’s Special Holiday Stream

Jeff mentioned the next hero was already teased and fans have been scavenging the Overwatch lore since then.  The next hero is someone we have already seen, but the question then becomes: Who is that person going to be? To help answer this question, I would like try my hand at guessing just who will be Hero 27. Of course, there are plenty of articles and videos on this topic and it isn’t anything new. Fans have given a lot of fun guesses such as Pharah’s father, Sam,  The Junkertown Queen, Torbjorn’s daughter, Brigitte, or even “Hammond” the Primate. There’s a good chance it can be any one of those characters, but I want to take it at least one step further. By considering the time that the character would arrive on the scene, they could play a deeper role than we may realize.

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For the sake of keeping this as simple as possible, I will split my thoughts into two arguments.  I’d like to think that one of the two will likely happen and will lead us to better point out who will be Hero 27.

Created to Protect? or to Destroy? The Orisa Argument

At around March 2017, Overwatch added Orisa.  While her introduction paved the way for Doomfist to arrive in July, we got details about the upcoming event in April: The Uprising Event. This special event was the only one that did follow a holiday or a season: It focused on a lore of Overwatch.  It had a special PvE mode and skins and special callbacks to Overwatch’s earlier days. While we got a wide assortment of content for Overwatch, Blackwatch and even Talon, we also got “Null Sector.” These robotic units invaded King’s Row and had special versions of our two robotic heroes: Bastion, and the recently included Orisa.

What were the chances of Orisa getting a skin so soon after her release? Pretty obvious, but let’s keep going.

Part of me found this to be a pretty clever way to give attention to Orisa by giving her a skin to make her look evil. Then I realized that Jeff and Blizzard could be considering doing it again in April. If they turned Orisa and Bastion into special enemy units, there is a good chance that the March hero will also play a significant role too in next year’s Uprising event.  The question would be if that hero would also be an enemy to destroy or a new hero that will have a connection to the event’s PvE mode.

The “Uprising” of Talon? The “5th Member” Argument.

What if the 2017 Uprising Event focuses on a Blackwatch instead of Overwatch during the Omnic Uprising? We only know of four members who were in Blackwatch: Reyes (Reaper), McCree, Genji, and Moira. With so little details, who not introduce us to a possible “5th member?” If that were to happen, you can have a four-person campaign where Reaper issues the orders. Use this mode to showcase how Blackwatch got the job done and how they were more ruthless than Overwatch. The best part of adding a 5th member would be that this character can fulfill a role that we don’t have in the game yet.  If we replaced Reaper with our “5th Member”, then we can see this hero turn into the “Tank” for Talon or be Overwatch‘s first post-launch Defense character.

I mean… There have to be more than four noteworthy people in Blackwatch, right?

Currently, there are five Talon heroes on the roster. They have three attackers (Doomfist, Sombra, and Reaper), Widowmaker as a Defense hero, and Moira acting as support.  You could argue that they could use this time to add one one tank hero to have balanced team composition for “Team Talon.” Otherwise, you could also use this time to bring in a new Defensive Hero that can bring something brand new to the game. There wouldn’t be a “Talon Tank,” but chances are the team would still be dangerous to go up against. Either way, there is a good possibility that the next hero could have connections to Talon and will likely be one a Tank or a Defense hero.

So with the arguments out of the way, let’s use this information to pick three likely suspects that would have some significance in the Uprising Event: Starting with a Fan Favorite.

Suspect One: Maximilien

What I would give to murder other players in a nice suit…

First appearing in Doomfist’s comic with Moira, Maximilien has the potential for something we don’t have on the roster yet: an evil Omnic.  Much like Moira, he would be a rather fun contrast to fellow Omnic Zenyatta. As for how Maximilien would play, I would like to refer to a leak that came out a month before Doomfist’s release.  While this may sound fishy, the description for Doomfist’s ultimate was right on the money. With Doomfist, it talked about two other heroes for a future release. This part of the leak never happened, but it provided interesting concepts of what we could see in the future. One of the proposed heroes was a “Russian Defensive Hero,” named Ivon. He is a “tall, lanky, elderly man who wears a close-fitted business suit with red accents.” Sound familiar?

Maximilien stood out to me for not just wearing a suit but appearing as someone who wouldn’t get his hands dirty. He would likely have others do it for him if he had the choice. This works out quite well when we look at Ivon’s proposed skills: being able to “summon Swampbots that swarm the enemy.”  These bots would be a “Torbjorn-Symmetra” hybrid of sorts and could be a hint at a hero that can deploy extra help. From what that sounds like, you could have a “Null Sector” attire for Maximilien and have him serve as a “commanding officer;” launches swarmers at enemies to weaken them. You would not only expand out how Null Sector with another dangerous unit, but you can also expand on Talon’s lore even further with another console member on the roster. Another Omnic on the roster would be nice.  Speaking of which…

Suspect 2: Lynx Seventeen

Lynx won’t have connections to Talon, but that wouldn’t stop Blizzard from making a “Null Sector” version that hacks you…

Sticking with the Omnic theme for a bit longer, we have the Omnic Hacker, Lynx Seventeen. While we don’t have as much to work with here, we do have another possible hero that could serve as a counter to Sombra. We don’t know if Lynx’s abilities of hacking matches Sombra’s (although it might seem unlikely if Lynx got hacked by her in the comic), but we could have a possible hero that could also serve as a means to disrupt the effectiveness other heroes. It would be neat if Lynx would also have a way to stop other heroes from using their abilities too, although something like “causing the weapon to jam” or other abilities that could revolve around Lynx’s ability to hack computer systems would be neat to see implemented.

When you consider the character of Lynx Seventeen, I would imagine that Lynx is the latest version of Omnics that could hack into computer systems. It would be neat if there was an enemy unit that can interrupt or distract other players while other players (or enemies in the PvE) could capitalize on it to take out heroes.  Not much else to say here of how Lynx would operate.  We know Lynx would likely have interactions with Zarya and Sombra, but it would be hard to speculate what else Lynx would be capable of right now. If you have a fun idea of how Lynx can shake up the roster, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Suspect 3: Sanjay Korpal

Casually blowing up buildings and turning Lucio into a rebel fighter. Well played.

As the only other council member besides Maximilien who isn’t playable (yet), Sanjay definitely is an intriguing individual.  First seen in Symmetra’s comic, Sanjay worked with Viskar Corporations to help negotiate a deal for the redevelopment of Rio de Janeiro. While the mayor sided with the other company, Sanjay decided have Symmetra infiltrate Calado to find some dirt on them. When she couldn’t find anything, the building suddenly blew up and caused chaos to rain down on the village below.  Needless to say, Sanjay wasn’t fazed by it and chances were that he had some involvement with the explosion.

Considering Sanjay’s backstory, it wouldn’t be a shock to discover Sanjay’s time with Vishkar Corporation provided him with a few weapon options. And much like Symmetra, it wouldn’t be that hard to consider how he can use the “manipulation of light-bending” to have a few tricks up his sleeve too. To refer back to that leak once more, we have the other hero named Bria. Her special ability involved “Area Denial,” or locking out certain parts of the map (kind of like Mei’s Ice Wall). Considering was barriers can do in Overwatch,  it can be entirely possible to give this to Sanjay. You can also use this time to develop his “origin story” and his possible ties with Blackwatch too before becoming a council member. For a guy who we know so little of, he certainly has intrigued so many theorists.

Place Your Bets!

So as you can probably imagine, there are plenty choices to go with when it comes to speculating upcoming heroes for Overwatch. As I mentioned before, I only taking potshots at the possible hero coming soon. For all we know, I can be completely wrong and it will be an obscure character that slipped in between the cracks where no one looked. As I stated earlier though, much like Orisa, the next hero will likely have something to do with the Uprising Event. While it would be nice to see a Tank Hero, I’m putting my money down on Hero 27 being a Defensive Hero.

Whether if it is another Null Sector bot to blow up or a new hero that will be one of the selectable characters. This seems like the best time if any to add on that 6th Talon member to the game, although who knows if they will decide to not do a third consecutive bad guy after Doomfist and Moira. While it is hard to say where the story will go, Overwatch is set to have another fantastic year in 2018.

So what do you guys think? Do you think that Hero 27 will be in the possible Uprising Event? Were the possible suspects plausible to consider? Or will Hero 27 be that monkey on the moon? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow Culture of Gaming for more Overwatch news.

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