Comedy Night

Have you ever been told by your friends that you’re funny? Perhaps that you should take up stand up comedy? Well, soon you will be able to put your comedy to the test in the upcoming Steam game, Comedy Night. 

Comedy Night puts players head-first into the hard life of a stand-up comic. Gamers will take their best comedy material onto a virtual stage and will perform in front of a live audience using their own microphone.

Comedy Night

The stage can be a lonely place, especially if no one is laughing at your jokes. Players can either perform a comedy routine on their own or have an epic comedy battle with another player.

The best, or possibly worst part for an aspiring comic, is how the best comic is decided. The virtual audience consists of actual people and they don’t just sit in the dark and drink in silence. Audience members decide how good your comedy routine is by encouraging you, heckling you, and have the power to vote you off stage. Knowing how people on the internet operate, this could be brutal.


Comedy Night Coming to Steam – Trailer

Posted by Comedy Night on Tuesday, August 1, 2017


If you think you have what it takes, and you think your friends are telling you the truth, Comedy Night will make its debut on Steam sometime this month.





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