COG’s favorite ongoing deals after Black Friday

Black Friday just happened, and I completely understand if standing in the giant lines outside in hopes of getting a good deal is not your thing. From late Thursday to today I’ve bought a jacket, a sweater, and a copy of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection. However, I had to go out to the stores and take part in the chaos in the mall. It was fun, nonetheless, I don’t think going out to the stores in chaotic settings is for everyone. Thus, shopping online might be very optimal for people that are strongly against going out to the mall in the middle of chaos. Here are a few deals that we thought stood out after the Black Friday chaos. Also, Cyber Monday is here, thus, a few more deals will probably pop up.


Right now, you can get an Xbox One S on Amazon for $199.99. You also get a Minecraft creators bundle to go with your Xbox One S. However, if Minecraft is not your thing (which we completely understand), for $30 more dollars you can get the same Xbox One S with Battlefield V (however, all major stores are doing the same promotion and GameStop surprisingly might have the best deal out of the bunch for this bundle).

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Click me for Xbox One S deal. 

Tired of getting screwed over from your Nintendo Switch not having enough storage. Sandisk is having some solid sales right now on Micro SD cards. You can get a 128 GB SD card slot for as low as 30 bucks. You can also get a Samsung Micro 128 GB SD card for 20 bucks. All SD cards of any size are being priced very competitively on Amazon right now.

Click me for SD card deals. 

Speaking of running out of space, you can get a Toshiba 2 TB external hard drive for a little over 50 bucks.


eBay is still a thing people…

For $980 you can get yourself a nice gaming laptop from MSI. Some people will obviously say building a PC is better, however, some people (including myself) might prefer a laptop and have some portability. The MSI GV62 8RE-015 includes a GTX 1060, 16 GB of DDR4 ram, an I7-8750H, a 128 GB SSD with a 1 TB HD. Additionally, you get an IPS screen which should get you good viewing angles. You can also get a similarly priced MSI gaming laptop with a TN panel that will have a bigger SSD. However, having an IPS screen is nice.

You can find eBay’s laptops on sale by clicking here.

Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee! Is $45.99 (but Lets Go, Pikachu! is not $45.99?)

If you couldn’t get Spider-Man for the PS4, then you can get a brand-new copy of Spider-Man with a PS4 DualShock controller for $74.99.

Here is a link to all the video games on eBay


GameStop is also having a few decent sales. Some of the crazy deals are sold out online, however, there are still a few good options left.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch is on sale for $30.

GameStop is doing the same Xbox One S deal with Battlefield V that will also include a 50-dollar GameStop gift card.

Obviously, there will probably be more deals today because it’s Cyber Monday, however, these are some current deals that are still decent. Walmart and Target, I bet they will be very competitive on Cyber Monday. Walmart, however, is selling Black Ops 4 for $39. Additionally, I expect Best Buy to be very competitive on Cyber Monday.

Let us know what games you plan on getting during Cyber Monday.

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