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So, you just watched the Smash Brothers reveal and don’t know a thing about Castlevania. Who are Simon and Richter? That’s ok. Here at Culture of Gaming, we have you covered. The following is everything you could ever want to know about the Belmonts with a comprehensive guide. Sometimes it can seem like there are more Belmonts than deviant art of fan-made Sonic characters. For clarity and brevity’s sake, all non-canon Belmonts and characters related to Bram Stoker’s Dracula will be excluded. Sorry, Sonia Belmont and John Morris. Also, no Lords of Shadow. That reboot doesn’t exist.

Spoilers ahead, but honestly most Castlevania games don’t get much more complicated than “Belmont fights Dracula.”

Leon Belmont – 1094 – Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2)

A former knight in the Crusades, Leon Belmont returns home from war to find his fiancée Sara kidnapped by a vampire named Walter. After asking his best friend, Mathias Cronquist, for advice, Leon sets out to take out the vampire before he reaches his goal of eternal life. The only way Walter can achieve it is by collecting the Crimson Stone.

Before Walter succeeds, however, the Crimson Stone is obtained by Mathias, Leon’s best friend. Cursing God forever for taking the love of his life, Elisabetha, Mathias uses Walter’s soul within the Crimson Stone to become Count Dracula.

Fusing the soul of his dying wife, Sara, to his whip, Leon defeats the servant of the Crimson Stone: Death (who would later go on to kill off Luigi in the newest Smash Bros trailer). The Vampire Killer whip would go on to be used by every Belmont hunting Dracula from now on. Leon gains a legacy but loses his best friend.

Leon is often looked over as the platforming action game that Lament of Innocence turned out to be let down a lot of fans. It doesn’t help things much, when the origin of the Belmonts gets muddied by a horrible retcon of a trilogy known as: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Trevor Belmont – 1476 – Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse (NES) and Castlevania the Series (Netflix)

In 1476, Dracula has gone into hiding and the only Belmont left is Trevor. No one from the village of Wallachia dare talk to either of the two outcasts. It is not until a woman named Lisa, looking for medicine, meets and falls in love with Dracula that trouble brews. The town of Wallachia sees her medicine and that she went to Castlevania. They burn her at the stake as a witch.

With Dracula taking revenge on humanity for the death of his first wife’s reincarnation, Lisa, it is up to Trevor to reluctantly take up the family business as a vampire hunter. Teaming up with Lisa and Dracula’s half breed son, Alucard, along with a sorceress named Sypha Belnades and a pirate named Grant Danasty, Trevor is the first Belmont to defeat Dracula.

I’ve always felt that Trevor went under appreciated as the first Belmont to slay Dracula. Castlevania 3 also introduced the Dhampir, Alucard. Hopefully the Netflix show does them both justice.

Christopher Belmont – 1576 – Castlevania: Rebirth (Wii)/Castlevania Adventure (GB) and Castlevania 2: Belmont’s Revenge (GB)

Hoping that the Belmonts are gone, Dracula returns after one hundred years. But Trevor’s grandson Christopher was waiting for him. After Christopher defeats him, Dracula retreats for fifteen years. It is then that Dracula kidnaps Christopher’s son and brainwashes him. With anger in his heart, Christopher kills Dracula. But Dracula always returns…

I’m not going to lie. Christopher is probably the most boring of the canon Belmonts. It hurts that his best game Castlevania: Rebirth is not available to download anymore on WiiWare. It’s just not available anywhere as there was no physical release. Other than that, if you are a true completionist, give Belmont’s Revenge a try. It’s pretty good too.

Simon Belmont – 1691- Castlevania (NES)/Super Castlevania 4 (SNES)/Haunted Castle (Arcade)/Castlevania Chronicles (PSX) and Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest (NES)

Here we have the vampire hunter who kicked off the entire franchise and who will be representing the Belmonts in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. As you can see above, there are many games that all tell the same story of Simon taking down Dracula. In some versions, Dracula kidnaps his wife. In other versions, he doesn’t. Simon’s story during the events of the original Castlevania do not showcase much of his personality, but it didn’t need to at the time.

It’s not until the sequel Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest that things get interesting. After Simon defeats Dracula, Simon starts to get sicker and sicker. He realizes that right before his death, Dracula had cursed him to die a slow painful death. Now, seven years later, Simon must collect five of Dracula’s body parts including his heart, eye, nail, rib, and ring. He must then resurrect the lord of darkness and incinerate him, to put an end to the curse. With both Belmont and Dracula weakened, Simon burns the monster and lifts his curse.

While he, himself, is not that interesting of a Belmont, Simon was the vampire slayer that introduced most into the Castlevania franchise. That’s worth something. IGA thought so too, as Simon is playable in most Castlevania spinoff games such as Castlevania: Judgment, Harmony of Despair, and now Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well.

Juste Belmont – 1748 – Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA)

Fifty years after Simon dispels his curse, his grandson’s best friend, Lydie get kidnapped and taken to a mysterious castle. Juste uncovers a plot by his friend Maxim to resurrect Dracula and defeat him in the same way Simon did. Juste fails to stop Dracula’s resurrection, but manages to defeat him just the same. Maxim apologizes for letting his jealousy of the Belmonts put everyone in danger.

Juste is usually brushed off as not important in the grand canon. While there is some truth there, Juste is interesting as he can collect spell books add an extra element, such as ice, to his attacks.

Richter Belmont – 1792 – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (TurboGrafx, Wii, PSP)/ Dracula X (SNES) and Symphony of the Night (PSX, Saturn, PSP)

The echo character of Simon from Smash Bros is much more than a copy of his ancestor. I mean, his fiancée is also kidnapped by Dracula. He must go through the castle filled with monsters like him… You know what? Most Belmonts are very similar. But Richter introduced “item crashes”. Not only can Richter use sub-weapons like knives, axes, and holy water. He can use up magical energy to make each attack devastating.

The defeat of Dracula is only the beginning, however, as five years pass. Alucard, son of Dracula and Lisa, awakens to find Castlevania still arisen and no Belmont to fight the castle’s lord. Alucard investigates the situation to find Richter himself acting as lord of the castle.

Upon further investigation, however, Alucard finds that Richter is being mind-controlled by an evil priest named Shaft. Alucard banishes Shaft to hell and kills his own father again. This time, after telling Dracula his mother Lisa’s last words.

Those in the west are more likely to remember Alucard than Richter when it comes the Dracula X saga of games. Rondo of Blood, in my opinion the best 2D linear Castlevania game, was only available to us in a watered down SNES port called Dracula X. Konami has since rectified this, and now the whole world can experience the best the series has to offer. Even more so after Smash Ultimate releases this December.

Julius Belmont – 1999 – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA) and Dawn of Sorrow (DS)

Julius is a strange case for a Belmont. Players never get to play as him through a main story. In 1999, Julius Belmont is successful in sealing Castlevania in an eclipse of the moon, ensuring that Dracula, himself, could never return.

Instead, Dracula’s soul is reincarnated into the body of a Japanese high school student named Soma. In 2035 and 2036, Soma fights on the side of good against those who wish to use Soma’s Dracula power of dominance for evil. There are a couple of close calls, but Julius stands with Soma, always ready to kill him, should he ever turn evil.

Julius has always had an uphill battle as a character. He’s already a grumpy old man when we get introduced to him in Aria of Sorrow. You don’t even get to play as him during the Battle of 1999, which takes place before the game even starts. It’s a shame that Konami got rid of IGA, because now we will never know what exactly happened in the battle. All the reason to look forward to Bloodstained!

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