Coffence is probably the most interesting fencing fighter game. However, most people would overlook it. But deep down it’s a blend of fast-paced precision fighting and a fun party brawler.

Caffeinated Plot

A select few baristas have perfected a complex martial art to protect caffeine known as coffencing. Now a massive coffee bean from outer space called the “Mother Bean” has made its appearance in the first time in centuries and coffencers from all around want a piece of it.

The story was goofy, almost nonsensical, but was all around an alright arcade mode. All characters speak in little blips during text with no variation. Dialogue is full of caffeinated nonsense which is charming on its own.

The story can get silly real fast so don’t try to think too much about it.

The only problem with the story is that the AI for the duels seem to act almost randomly. One match, I’ve perfected my opponent taking all of his coffee, and the next match my opponent is strategically catching all my coffee while beating the pulp out of me.

Espresso Duels

Dueling is very simple and fun for the most part. Each dueler has 8 cups of coffee on them and the goal is to knock the coffee out of the opponent’s cup. The player can do this by simply aiming at a direction determined by the right stick, and doing a simple strike using the right trigger. The player can throw their mug at the opponent using the right bumper to stun them while the mug comes back, and the player can block with the left trigger while the left bumper spins your mug around in a defensive position to parry incoming attacks.

The game’s combat is simple to understand, so anybody can pick up the gameplay.

The game is oddly sophisticated and there’s some crazy stuff players can do. The game has air dashes, slides to go to the other side of the opponent and the precision on the coffee mugs can lead to some amazing plays. Overall the controls are rock-solid, smooth, and has some of the most responsive controls I’ve ever used.

Sweet Design

The characters are colorful, light-hearted, and all-around good people. Ryan the coffee scholar and Kent the Brewmaster are brothers that respect each other and duel for their own reasons like a duo from another franchise. Captain Puccino is a pirate of the Carribean who is stuck in the future and needs to go back to the past and Brewce is a CEO who simply wants to work. Lastly there’s Mocha, the dog with an obsession for coffee and things to play with. except for Cuppernicus, the giant robot cup mastermind.

Character stat vary just enough to distinguish each character gameplay-wise.

The character models seem to be a bit lower quality compared to current games. Their personalities oddly shine through the story mode, and the subtle animations while fighting, including Brewce’s coward block, tells a lot about his character.

Decaf Multiplayer

While I can’t speak for any online modes since I can’t connect to anybody, the local modes Duel and Brawl are just about right. Duels, as you can imagine are straight up 1v1 fights. Brawl is a free for all with up to four players or three AI if no other players are available.

You can play as any character in the story while using any cups that may have been unlocked with their own stats.  The stages are also adjusted for both modes, 1v1 maps are standard fighting game stages while the Brawl stages have several platforms to jump on. The maps are decently made and the music accompanying them are both unique but forgettable.

Only 2 multiplayer modes but they’re definitely fun with friends.

Overall the multiplayer modes are great for local battles and party matches with your friends.

Final Verdict

Coffence seems to hit all the points it was going for. A unique coffee-based fencing fighter game that is simple, easy to play, and surprisingly fast-paced. Unfortunately, the story is just too short with the amount of characters available. The lack of players online can spoil the amount of fun a single person can have.


Coffence debuted on October 25, 2018. It is available for both PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game was developed and published by Sweet Bandits Studios and sells for $14.99. For more Culture of Gaming reviews tune into



Fast and responsive controls.
Goofy story.
Unique and charming characters.
Story is short across all characters.
AI can be extremely easy.

Review Summary

Coffence is a good fighting game with some of the smoothest controls needed for a precision fencing game. Unfortunately the game is extremely short and but players can be content with local versus duels and brawls with their friends.

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