Club Penguin Clone Shut Down By Disney For Inappropriate Content

Since its shut down in 2017, fans have attempted to recreate the magic found in the wholesome MMO – Club Penguin. However, it seems that certain content deemed inappropriate for children has surfaced on one of these clones, leading to Disney stepping in.

Originally discovered by the BBC, a fan-made version of the child-oriented game suddenly received a massive influx of over a million new users during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this alone would justify action from any IP owner, the BBC also uncovered that the clone contained multiple instances of racist and homophobic language. The creators apparently did this by using copied source code to recreate the original game, but with the offensive language filter turned off so players could engage in what the BBC refers to as “penguin e-sex.” Of course, this resulted in the giant industry titan issuing a DCMA takedown of all servers containing unauthorized Club Penguin clones.

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It seems that this comes at the perfect time, as the BBC also reports in the same article one man with connections to the clone was arrested for suspected possession of child abuse images. As of now, officials released the man on bail.

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How do you feel about this shut down? Did you ever play Club Penguin? Let us know in the comments! For more news, check out the announcement of a new Paper Mario game and the removal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from EVO 2020. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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