Clash of Clans is More Skills and Strategy Than Pay to Win

The global mobile gaming market is full of interesting titles that you can enjoy on the go. There is plenty of lighter choices to have some fun while killing time as well as advanced strategies where you must pay more attention. Clash of Clans is one game that will stimulate your brain cells and make you work for the win.

Since its introduction in August 2012, the title has achieved strong recognition in the industry and reached a substantial number of dedicated fans. The developer, a Finnish studio called Supercell, thought this number could be, at the peak of its popularity, as high as 100 million active users daily. Either way, the company generates substantial revenue, and the gamers appreciate the entertainment. The concept here is that players can build towns, develop structures and units (i.e., wizards or barbarians, among others) and send the troops to battle for more resources. The currencies that make the growth possible are gold, elixir and dark elixir. Competitors can also group in clans up to 50 people and try their luck in Clan Wars together. The abundance of possibilities makes the rivalry and alliances that much fun, and the gameplay more exciting.

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Naturally, there are several strategies you can use to make your efforts more likely to succeed. Since the pace of your progress mostly depends on the assets you have, it is obvious that supplies should be one of the main points of focus. Such doesn’t come as any surprise for the experienced users and anyone familiar with strategies and their rules, but newcomers would appreciate knowing that maximizing resources is something to always have in mind. The most effective way to give yourself a quick boost is by challenging others, but it’s not without the obvious risks of ending up against somebody with a much better army. Therefore, a good idea to do that is to pick inactive players who quit the game and make a move on them.

In today’s gaming business, there are a few models that represent different degrees of player participation and what they can get from the game. Naturally, there are plenty of options out there where you can play for free or even make some money — i.e., using traditional poker clients or their mobile poker websites and apps. Increasing in popularity in the industry seems to be a freemium model, which is how the Clash of Clans game operates as well. It means it’s free to play but additional features, services or items are available for purchase. Therefore, if you’re willing to spend some cash, it could get you further in the game. Likewise, there is a discussion going on among the gaming community whether this method of achieving an edge over the competition is fair, but you must determine how you feel for yourself. Although the pay-to-win concept is sometimes frowned upon, the situation with Clash of Clans looks a little different. The money, indeed, makes the progress much easier, and players can move through levels fasters, skipping some internal steps, but it does not give them significant advantages over direct opponents. It only allows them to fight players with a similar level of expertise.

Such seems to support the statement that Clash of Clans is more about the skills and understanding strategy than choosing the easy way. That’s good news, as it is always exciting to know that proficiency and determination remain the key to success.


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