Chucklefish, publisher of Stardew Valley and Wargroove, uploaded a video showcasing one of their upcoming strategy games, Pathway. Set in a theme that looks like it came straight out of Indiana Jones, Pathway has your team traveling along a desert map, searching ancient tombs and dig sites for artifacts, and battling mystical enemies in turn-based combat.

Narratively, Pathway takes place in early 1900’s WW2 era, and it establishes this setting before each battle. For example, one of the pre-battle descriptions explains how your group has stumbled upon a German army camp. If you try to withdraw and not engage, the description says that one of your crew has stumbled over a pile of rocks and alerted the guards, throwing you into the heat of a battle.

Battles are entirely location and turn-based, similar to Fire Emblem or the recent Wargroove. Unlike either of those games, battles occur in much smaller spaces, like the outer grounds of encampment or the ancient remains of a tomb. Trucks, barrels, coffins and tables serve as cover, protecting your crew from gunshots or arrows. The scale is more comparable to the first two Fallout games than it is to Fire Emblem.

Similar to other strategy games, each character presents their own strengths and weaknesses. Captain Pereira is strong in combat, both close-range and at a distance, but has a low IQ. Russian scientist Natalya is quick-witted and can heal allies, but her aim is mediocre. Balancing these characters’ strengths and weaknesses out will be crucial to winning any battle.

Pathway doesn’t have a set release date, but should be coming to Steam sometime this year. For more on Chucklefish and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.,

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