Culture of Gaming’s Top 10 Black Friday Deals

BLACK FRIDAY IS SO CLOSE NOW YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! with that being said, here are our picks of what you should pick up during this year’s Black Friday sales. From Doom to Black Ops 4, everything is here in this list including a couple of games from last year as well.   Let […]

CO-OP with CoG | JACKY, YOU SHOULDA SAID SO! – Borderlands The Pre Sequel

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to another Episode of Borderlands the Pre Sequel. In this week, Anthony and Jon explore the Borderlands further. The Guys meet back up with Handsom Jack to go hunt down the Merriff (it sounded better in his head) CO-OP with CoG is uploaded every Friday so make sure to […]

IT’S A SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUE | CO-OP With CoG Episode 2 – Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back for another episode of our latest CO-OP series, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. In this episode, Anthony and Jon venture to the town of Concordia and meet some more wacky npc’s along the way (Including a guy with a “serious mental issue” his words, not ours) Discord – FaceBook […]

CO-OP With Cog | Torchlight 2 – Where the heck has that gem gotten too?

In this week’s CO-Op With Cog, Anthony and Joel are forced to explore a dungeon for around half an hour as they scour high and low in search of an ember that will unlock a boss. Feeling Generous? Consider supporting us on Patreon for as little as $1 per month:   Follow us on Twitter […]