Remaster is not a new term in the gaming realm. At one point a company releasing a remaster was seen as something terrible. Now, more and more classic games are brought up to date. Remasters are just a part of the industry like sequels or DLC. This isn’t a bad thing. […]

I have played a lot of PlayStation VR titles and none of them are like Moss. Moss is a puzzle/adventure game that focuses on you, the reader, and Quill, your tiny adorable mouse partner. The game plays like a storybook. What I mean by that is that upon starting the […]


Originally released in 1993 on the SNES, Secret of Mana provided JRPG fans with a solid yet straightforward role-playing experience. Its characters, narrative and combat were no doubt familiar to fans of the genre but still made for a welcome experience in a time where JRPGs were a dime a dozen.

0°N 0°W from developers Colorfiction has been by far the most mind-blowing game that I have played to this date. Honestly, when I first heard of it I had lower expectations. Mainly due to the fact that it was an indie exploration game on beta. I have never really liked these […]

When I was growing up there is no way in world that a game like Payday 2 would ever be released on a “family friendly” Nintendo console. Robbing banks? Killing police officers? No way that content would ever see the light of day in Mario’s world.

Titan Comics’ Assassin Creed: Origins explores a tale of Aya in her younger days; which is set before the events of the game. This first issue starts off with an amazing scene involving Cleopatra. She introduces her childhood friend as someone who stands in the face of adversity. The entire issue […]

No matter which culture you come from, your stories are a crucial part of your history. Whether it is the urban legends that haunt your society, the mythological tales that are handed down from generation to generation or the annals of your family members, our history defines us.

Remnants of Naezith is a 2D platformer that will absolutely satisfy any needs you have for speedy and fun gameplay. The time I have spent with the game has been a rollercoaster of emotion. I am not a glutton for punishment like Dark Souls fans, and so I found myself […]