Cbilab VR Studios is a Turkish based company hoping to put out their first game, Manmade, in May 2019. I say hoping because it is going to be an episodic game consisting of five chapters and Cbilab is going to be having a Kickstarter for season one on May 31. All […]

The idea that the future holds a resurgence of gladiatorial combat is a popular idea for video games. The premise of characters fighting in an arena to the death works well with games where the player is supposed to use a playstyle that captures their imagination. Laser League has just […]

Coffee Crisis, developed and published by Mega Cat Studios, is a side scrolling beat-em-up following in the footsteps of giants like Streets of Rage. It stars protagonists Nick and Ashley, the owners of the Black Forge Coffee House. After a seemingly normal day at the coffee house, aliens invade to rob us humans […]

The term ‘retro game’ has been somewhat overused lately when it comes to pixel art games. Tomb Towers, however, is very much a retro game. More so than it’s art style, it wears its influences very heavily on its sleeves. A puzzle platformer with a pixel art style created by […]

The intense and suspenseful game-play of Murderous Pursuits, developed and published by Blazing Griffin, is perfectly balanced with its ridiculous and absurd moments. It’s an intense game of cat and mouse on board a giant, flying, time traveling ship, the Britannic. I would like to give you more details about The Britannic but […]


Video game dads aren’t exactly Father of the Year material. Bowser and Donkey Kong allow their children to tempt all manner of dangers. Mr. Burnside from Resident Evil: Code Veronica rips off the Umbrella Corporation and that gets his wife shot full of holes and him, his son imprisoned.

The second issue in this mini-series offers what the first issue didn’t, exposition! You start to learn about the characters and the world of Yharnam and the Bloodborne franchise. The Hunter is trying to create a different world that he/she inhabits. Its comparable  to the doll world where you find […]

I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I actually didn’t enjoy the third generation of Pokemon as much as other games in the series. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great game, and certainly has some improvements. Most notably: new concepts, more in […]

Titan Quest is an amazing isometric, action RPG but the experience is marred by a lackluster port to home consoles. Embark on an epic journey to conquer all the Titans across Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia. Enjoy new textures and small changes that take advantage of current-gen hardware plus a […]