Ever since making huge waves at Microsoft’s keynote back in 2016, Sea of Thieves has gotten a lot of attention and a lot of hype. The news was even more tantalizing because storied developer, Rare, was at the helm of this fresh new IP. One could say a lot is on this swashbuckling journey for Rare and Microsoft.

Stop me if you have heard this before. A strange aristocrat invites a motley crew to their mansion under very mysterious circumstances.

Scribblenauts Showdown is a multiplayer party game based on the hit franchise. Bring up to 4 players for a fun slew of mini-games and create objects using words. It’s a great game for local multiplayer but lacks any meaningful content for single players. Scribblenauts Showdown is promising and takes inspiration […]

Made by Incendium, the early-access of Phantom Halls caught my interest almost instantly. As someone that is very bad with horror, I honestly played this game on the edge of my seat. Phantom Halls is an indie horror game, where you play as the variety of characters, as they explore […]

Remaster is not a new term in the gaming realm. At one point a company releasing a remaster was seen as something terrible. Now, more and more classic games are brought up to date. Remasters are just a part of the industry like sequels or DLC. This isn’t a bad thing. […]

I have played a lot of PlayStation VR titles and none of them are like Moss. Moss is a puzzle/adventure game that focuses on you, the reader, and Quill, your tiny adorable mouse partner. The game plays like a storybook. What I mean by that is that upon starting the […]


Originally released in 1993 on the SNES, Secret of Mana provided JRPG fans with a solid yet straightforward role-playing experience. Its characters, narrative and combat were no doubt familiar to fans of the genre but still made for a welcome experience in a time where JRPGs were a dime a dozen.

0°N 0°W from developers Colorfiction has been by far the most mind-blowing game that I have played to this date. Honestly, when I first heard of it I had lower expectations. Mainly due to the fact that it was an indie exploration game on beta. I have never really liked these […]