Whether it is the Age of Apocalypse, The Multiverse, Bizzaro World, Earth 3, Days of Future Past or The Ultimate Universe, an alternate timeline or universe has always been a favourite plot device in comic books, mostly because in those places anything goes. Anything can happen to the characters and the world around them giving the creators so much freedom.

Megaquarium is a good game that allows players to micro-manage an aquarium (what a surprise, the title kind of gives this away). Megaquarium micro-managing system also does not have microtransactions which allows the pacing of the game to stay consistent (I’m looking at you Pokémon Quest). So, what does Megaquarium […]


Apex Construct is an unpolished view into the future of VR gaming. It offers an engrossing FPS combat system, but falls flat in just about every other aspect.  Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct focuses on the feud between two sentient AI. The AI Mothr is the main antagonist of this story. As revelations continue to […]

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is a game that the cynical can easily dismiss without a second thought. It has the art style of a trapper keeper. A lot of the jokes don’t land. And the controls could use a good polish. But if you temper expectations, and treat it like […]

This game was evaluated in an early access state. The developers of Fear The Wolves, Vostok, provided Culture of Gaming with a review copy. A New Challenger Approaches The battle royale genre is currently dominating the gaming scene right now, much like the survival/crafting genre did only a few years […]

Edgar Harbin uncovers the tomb of an evil queen who ruled Egypt but was imprisoned by her people. As a result, Seteki breaks out of her imprisonment and begins her quest to exact her revenge upon the world. She summons the undead to do her bidding and entrapping the souls of countless victims […]

Few games have had as interesting of a development history as We Happy Few. Originally announced at E3 2016, it made waves for its atmosphere and mystery. Unfortunately, a narrative-driven game was not what (the now Microsoft-owned) Compulsion Games had in mind. After hearing fan demand, We Happy Few suddenly transitioned to a […]