Do you have a friend or two who refuse to come over to one platform or the other? Do you wish you could play with them regardless of the platform? Yeah, me too. Cross-play has long been a dream of many gamers. In recent months, the dream has become just […]

Name: BREAKDOWN Developer: NAMCO Year: 2004 Genre: FIRST PERSON ACTION ADVENTURE Platform: XBOX The first person sub-genre has been around since the early 70’s, experiments with graphical techniques in early games created pseudo-3D mazes. These mazes were nothing more than an illusion created by well-placed lines and scaling of sprites, […]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been an undeniable success. Launched in 2015, it saw CDProjektRed turn their cult classic series into one of the biggest titles of the year – going on to reach new heights by winning the game of the year award. The sheer size and complexity of […]

How does the saying go, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”?  Well, I guess shame on me then. This is my experience with Destiny 2. When the first Destiny was announced, I instantly hopped on the hype train, soaking in every bit of information […]


This Week in Video Game History … Gamecubers happen to cross some animals, the Heartless attack, a classic Konami shooter and some Princess gets ‘napped by some giant turtle guy… 15 years ago this week, the Animal Crossing series launched in North America for Nintendo Gamecube and would go on […]

If you are Canadian like I am, hockey is part of your actual genetic makeup. Chances are you played it as a kid whether on ice or on the street. You watched it at one time or another. With seven NHL teams in Canada, even if you are not a die-hard sports fan, you probably jumped on that bandwagon and cheered on your city’s team in the playoffs at one time in your life.

Release Date: July 13, 2017 Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Developers: Arzest ESRB: E 10+ MSRP: $39.99 Hey! Pikmin is brand new side-scrolling adventure set on the 3DS. You play as the lovable protagonist Captain Olimar and his squad of Pikmin. When your ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet you […]

NASCAR Heat 2 brings the fast-paced stock car racing to consoles once again. Though it holds a lot of comparisons to its predecessor NASCAR Heat Evolution, developers Monster Games have included more improvements and features to create an all-around better racing experience. Published by 704 Games, Heat 2 brings your favorite stock […]

When the Outsider first visited Corvo in Dishonored, he was shrouded in a cloak of mystery. Now, in the franchises standalone expansion, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, that cloak is ripped off and exposed. Arkane Studios has developed a great standalone story that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The classic […]