The Nintendo Switch received its first streaming app today. Hulu has made its way to the portable console before any other big hitters such as Netflix and HBO Go. The app will be available for download on the eShop once the updates go out. Hulu is of course, free to […]

Over the past several years, as gaming videos with commentary such as Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and Twitch streams become more prevalent on the internet, the debate over fair use has become heated, especially in the face what’s perceived as more and more rampant content claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright […]

South Park has become one of those shows that has always been there, like The Simpsons or WWE Raw. When it first came out, the expectation was that controversy would drag it into cancellation sooner rather than later. A mixture of being genuinely funny, a willingness to push boundaries without […]

Toejam and Earl won’t be jamming out to any beats this year because Toejam and Earl: Back In The Groove has been delayed once again. Originally a Kickstarter project, Toejam and Earl: Back In the Groove raised over a half million dollars in 2015. With no timeline for a release, Toejam […]

Welcome to Culture of Gaming’s new show, Indie Showcase. Every week, Ryan DeGraw will be taking a look at a new indie title, spanning from full release to terrible flash games. This week, Ryan is bad at Cuphead for the internet to see.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm is a prequel to Life Is Strange and follows the teenage exploits of Max’s friend Chloe Price. This adventure game explores Arcadia Bay, Oregon and the relationship between Chloe and her classmate Rachel Amber. Explore branching dialogue trees, find opportunities to graffiti, and navigate […]

This week in video game history … Simon Belmont’s whip gets an upgrade, a double feature from Atari who this  week kicked off the arcade and launched their most successful machine while the first handheld video game console is released by the makers of Connect Four, Super Castlevania IV (1991) […]

Earlier today, Sony made a fairly surprising announcement regarding the trophies players earn in-game. It was revealed that a new, US-exclusive rewards system, called ‘Sony Rewards’, would be implemented. Trophies will now have a point value associated to them, which may be spent in the PlayStation Store towards content. The […]

Ever wanted to fly around the galaxy seemingly aimlessly and kill things mercilessly? Then Space Pirates and Zombies 2 has you covered. Space Pirates and Zombies 2, developed and published by MiniMax Games Ltd, is a scavenger survival game. Though it is set in the same world as the original […]