Episode 72 of Gaming Culture Radio is live! This week, the GCR team gives our predictions for the winners of the biggest categories at The Game Awards 2017. Also, what were the best selling games, and what do we think of Epic suing a 14 year old? Graham details the […]

As we get ready to close out 2017, one can’t help but look back at how fantastic this year was in gaming. With a wide selection of amazing titles on all platforms, there is no denying that 2017 is one of the best years we’ve had in gaming for quite […]

Kings and Heroes is a World of Warcraft inspired online RPG dungeon crawler. Created by a small studio called Industry games it’s easy to see where they draw their influences from.  In my time playing through the title, I experienced several bugs and the world felt surprisingly empty. All the […]

Episode 71 of Gaming Culture Radio is live! This week, we discuss how you can get guaranteed entry into the Sea of Thieves Beta, and how Microsoft is pushing up the games release date. Micro-transactions are still a hot topic, and Call of Duty is cashing in. Battlefield 1: Turning […]

Back when I was a child, I remember going to my local EB Games and picking up a copy of de Blob for the Nintendo Wii. Upon bringing it home, I was hooked on its game-play from the very beginning, with its quirky soundtrack and addictive elements, this was easily […]

As we prepare to move into December, we here at Culture of Gaming would like to take some time to reflect on our top videos during the month of November. 1) Tekken World Finals Interview With Mark Religioso During the Tekken World Tour Finals, Andrew was able to interview with […]

November was chalk full of editorials ranging from thoughts over the Razer phone all the way to Skyrim being on the Nintendo Switch. Each article had a great focus to draw in the reader but only the following really pulled in the most. Below you can check out the top five […]