The game knows its limitations and attempts so create a nuanced artistic escapade as opposed to a highly polished graphical experience.

As a person who isn’t that much of a comic reader, Wolfenstein Volume 1 was a pleasant surprise to read and was a treat to look at visually. Having reviewed the digital version of the comic, I found it an enticing and interesting experience. The story so far Wolfenstein volume […]

E3 2017 revealed a lot of great upcoming titles, but one that really caught people’s attention was Anthem. The brains behind the hit series Mass Effect, Bioware, is developing what looks to be an MMORPG that will compete against games such as Destiny. As of right now, we know very little on the […]


2017 has been a fantastic ride in gaming for all fans alike. We saw the popular release of a new console, new iterations of our most beloved franchises, and or course, new stories that we fell in love with. Now that December has arrived, it’s time to reflect on our […]

Yes! It is that time to vote on your Game of the Year! Below are Culture of Gaming’s nominations for 2017. You are able to vote just once per week until January 5th, when the polls close. Soon after, we will post the results of the winners. Be sure to […]

To say Nintendo had a pretty good 2017 would be an understatement. The company’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, launched this past March to unprecedented success, currently sitting at just under eight million sold. They were so confident they even increased their sales projections for the console, from 10 million […]

Half-Life fans have always craved for more of the universe’s story ever since the second game left us with a cliffhanger. Now, we finally get more glimpses into that universe. Half-Life: A Place in the West features new characters struggling in a broken world. Each main character is fleshed out well, but in […]