If you are someone who uses Discord regularly, you may have noticed that there is a new feature. Now in case if this very informative video didn’t help explain, here is the breakdown. Towards the start of this week, Discord launched the Discord Store. Through the store, you can see […]

As we near the end of the year, Microsoft continues to roll out the updates. For this month, we have new customization options for your avatar, navigate the system with your voice, and much more. So let’s take a look at this month’s updates for the Xbox One. Xbox Avatars […]

Niantic is adding Generation 4 Pokémon to the mix in Pokémon Go. Users of the popular mobile game will just need to download a quick update and they can start searching for 23 of the eventually 100 pocket monsters from the Sinnoh region that will eventually hit the game. The […]

With Jump Force becoming one of the most anticipated fighting games to come out of this generation of gaming, Bandai Namco keeps adding to the excitement by revealing more of our favorite heroes and villains from the most popular anime and manga out there. So far we have characters from […]

In case you have forgotten, Kingdom Hearts III actually has a release date! In preparation for the upcoming game that KH fans have been waiting 13 years for, Square Enix has announced a mash-up of the entire story (minus the phone game Kingdom Hearts χ). Kingdom Hearts – The Story […]

Publisher Wargaming has announced that famous hockey player Alexander “Ovi” Ovechkin will be in World of Warships as a commander. The trailer itself showed a live-action reel of Ovi shooting at a hockey goal and repeatedly missing before finally “earning his greatness” and scoring a goal. Whether hockey is related to […]

After an incredibly long time with the company, CEO of Blizzard Mike Morhaime is finally stepping down as head-honcho of the massive gaming giant. In his place, World of Warcraft executive producer J. Allen Brack will be leading the company, overseeing projects and making business decisions that Morhaime would have […]

The annual GMTK Game Jam has finished for another year, and with it comes a whole load of FREE games! The Game Maker’s Toolkit YouTube channel is a brilliant channel that focuses on game and level design, gameplay features and game mechanics. As a result, a yearly event called the […]