If you follow Nintendo’s indie scene closely, you ought to be familiar with Damon Baker. In the past few years, he’s risen to the top of Nintendo’s independent developer relations, working with small-time developers and appearing on multiple “Nindies” presentations. But after 12 years with Nintendo, Damon has left for […]

The World Tour of Dragon Ball FighterZ has come to an end, and with it, the second season is underway. We knew we would see ongoing support for the game, but the question was which characters were we going to see? There is a wide collection of Dragon Ball characters to […]

 Fallout 76 is an online-only multiplayer survival game where you play as the vault-dwellers who are the first to explore the area of Appalachia. Since the game released there have been several criticisms regarding the game’s lack of story, NPCs, and less-than-stellar PVP combat. The current system isn’t very rewarding […]

A new update is coming to Nintendo’s mega-hit fighter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, although we can’t nail down exactly what this new version will bring with it. If you go to check your copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate right now, you’ll find a notification similar to the one below: […]

PUBG certainly isn’t in the cultural zeitgeist the way it was back in 2017, but developer PUBG Corp is doing their best to pull in new players despite intense competition from Fortnite. Just in the past few months, they’ve added in a new snowy map and brought the game to […]