Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Konami has just recently announced three separate game bundles for Contra, Castlevania, and Arcade Classics, aptly-titled Anniversary Collections. Each collection “includes a bonus eBook packed with new information about the titles, including interviews with the development staff, behind-the-scenes insights, and sketches and design documents never before […]

Massively Multiplayer Online game Atlas has just received a ‘Mega Update,’ which includes new environments, items, and challenges. The developers have seemingly redesigned the world itself, adding “40% more islands/landmass & new world map layout.” Also a redesign of the claim system for colonies, “with more progress-protecting and time-enforced PvP […]

On April 11, the Walt Disney Company revealed their new streaming service, Disney+ on their Investor Day Webcast and on their website. That’s right Disney, one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry made a streaming service that will not only be cheaper than Netflix’s $12.99 monthly service […]

As with most services, users have to register a PlayStation Network account in order to access Sony’s online entertainment service. Once the user submits their information and chooses their PSN name, they’ll be able to chat with and play with other users like Al CaPWN, xxjumpmasterxx, and the occasional string […]

Nintendo will be livestreaming another video presentation this Wednesday – but it’s not a Nintendo Direct. Nope, it’s a Nindies showcase, showing some of the most promising Switch indie games this year. It’s set to go live on March 20, 9 AM Pacific Time Zone. Set your alarm clocks! The […]

The 2017 horror platformer Little Nightmares is getting a spin-off, as Bandai Namco revealed earlier today. Very Little Nightmares is a top-down puzzler for iOS, and it’s looking to be just as creepy as its predecessor. The trailer opens with little girl Six, the protagonist of the original game, stepping […]