If you like video games with innuendo in the title, Save Your Nuts may be right up your alley. The first game from Montreal indie studio Triple Scale Games, Save Your Nuts puts you and your friends in the roles of a pack of small furry animals, such as dogs […]

Gearbox Software released a new Borderlands trailer today teasing new information about the new villains, returning characters, and the overall plot. While the trailer is more of a camera moving around a sill mural of the Borderlands cast doing their thing and looking cool to the tune of “Fools of […]

Larian Studios have recently released a trailer for their newest title, Divinity: Fallen Heroes. Fallen Heroes is being developed out of house by Logic Artists, developers of Expeditions: Conquistador. PC gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun played an early alpha, playing two missions. What they have to say about it was: […]

The Fall of Reach At the beginning of April we heard from Brian Jarrad, the community director of 343 Industries, that testing for the long anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC version and Halo: Reach console addition would likely begin testing this month. That was if everything went according to their game plan. […]

Electronic Arts lays off 350 employees from their marketing publishing and operations teams while scaling back their staff in Japan and Russia. CEO Andrew Wilson made the announcement on EA’s website under “Updating Our Organization And Addressing Our Challenges.” Wilson states, “We’re making deliberate moves to better deliver on our […]

The titular 3D anime fighting game Jump Force might not have quite the impact of last year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, but Bandai Namco continues to update it with regular content. Just today, they announced the remaining DLC cast. Among the newcomers to the roster are characters from already-represented anime like […]

Nintendo will reportedly release a pair of new Switch hardware this fiscal year. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning to split their demographic in two with a cheaper and a more expensive version of the Switch. “One version,” WSJ states, “will have enhanced features targeted at avid […]

It’s here! The PS5 will be getting ready for launch in 2019! Unexpectedly, the PS5 will be coming to the masses a lot quicker than any of its predecessors. Mark Cerny, the designer of the PS4, has developed the latest features to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. Features including: solid […]