Bungie‘s Destiny series is renowned for its gunplay, and some of its most iconic weapons are its hand cannons. As a looter shooter, Destiny‘s weapons have different rarities, ranging from common all the way up to exotic. But Destiny 2‘s most infamous hand cannons aren’t actually exotic — they’re legendary. […]

Developers at Studio MDHR have recently released their biggest update for Cuphead. This patch includes character selections, new animations, bug fixes, and more. Fans who enjoyed playing as Mugman in co-op will be thrilled to see that he is now playable in the Single Player. But if you were hoping […]

After months of anticipation from Mortal Kombat fans, NetherRealm Studios has at last revealed the final character in Mortal Kombat 11: Frost, a Human/Cyromancer from the Earth Realm. She is a returning character, debuting as Sub-Zero’s apprentice in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and appearing in later games like Mortal Kombat […]

Valve, the million dollar corporation behind Steam will be unveiling a VR headset sometime in May, as shown by this image on the Steam site. The picture shows someone holding the headset, complete with adjustable dial, pass-through cameras and a title: the “Valve Index”. A bit of a bland name, […]

Gearbox came to PAX with a one-two punch this year. First, there was the Borderlands 3 announcement, and now a Nintendo Switch port of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Set to release this summer, Bulletstorm will include all the add-ons from 2017’s remaster, including a playable Duke Nukem that was originally […]

THQ Nordic, the publisher that stemmed from the defunct THQ, has revealed their plans for the fast-approaching PAX East. They’ll have a booth right next to Blizzard in the main hall, where they’ll be showing off the following games: Fade To Silence, which released in Early Access last year, is […]