Well, this is a disappointment. One year after bringing Defiant Studios onto the project, publisher CI Games have booted them from working on the title. Background Initially, the problems started with the announcement in June 2017 that CI Games wouldn’t try to compete at a “AAA” level, as the push to […]

A new game development studio might give Microsoft that advantage that it needs. The Initiative was announced back in June of last year at E3, and since then the studio has been building in terms of staff and creativity. The Studio is located in sunny Santa Monica, similar to other studios such as Naughty […]

It’s finally John Wick‘s turn to enter the Fortnite universe, continuing the game’s tradition of crossovers with big movies, like The Avengers. John Wick’s Set, available in Fortnite Item Shop, includes a John Wick player skin modeled after Keanu Reeves, the Simple Sledge Pickaxe, and the Assassin Pack. Jump into […]