It will be man versus beast on Shudder. Chris Sun’s Boar along with a selection of Queer Horror and Elijah Wood podcast Visitations are coming to the premiere horror streaming service in June. BOAR (2017) — available Thursday, June 6 Director: Chris Sun, Cast: Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, Hugh Sheridan […]

Gameplay of Halo Reach, in the PC edition of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, was shown off today by 343 Industries. Ske7ch, Max, and IK Grubb sat down and live-streamed some demo gameplay from a build that they’re planning on bringing to E3. They confirmed that those attending E3 this year will be […]

The Pokémon company released all new info regarding their upcoming mobile releases on May, 28, in a press conference. Three new mobile titles and one Switch title were confirmed. The Pokémon company have titled these mobile apps, Pokémon Home, Pokémon Sleep, and Pokémon Masters. These new apps will be released […]

A free demo for the previously PS3 exclusive ‘Heavy Rain‘ is now available on the Epic Games Store. Heavy Rain had originally released on the PS3 during 2010, and it marked the first game that Quantic Dream had developed exclusively for PlayStation. But as of March of this year, Epic Games and Quantic Dream had formed a partnership […]