Live-Action Novelties: Where do we draw the line?

Live-Action Novelty

With the recent reveal of a new live-action movie in the works — Sonic the Hedgehog — things seem to be taking another turn. Live-action film has become such a novelty. We are starting to get more movies that make little to no sense. One could say that Detective Pikachu isn’t a bad adaptation, but if you […]

Avengers vs Smash – Which is the Bigger Crossover?


What a couple of days it has been. Right after the Game Awards last Thursday Super Smash Bros Ultimate released, and the next day the Russo Brothers graced us with the first Avengers: Endgame trailer. I think we can all agree that we are truly spoiled to live in a time where both this game and […]

Live-Action Adaptations: Are we creating too many?

Live-Action Adaptation: Pinocchio

With some notable creations coming to life, or that have already come to life, live-action is not a bad take from animated predecessors. There are many franchises that have gone through production, only to be met with less than stellar success. Some were only successes as they held the brand over their heads. Other live-action […]

The Walking Dead: What Killed My Interest.

The Walking Dead

One has to ask, is The Walking Dead still relevant? Will this be the season where it concludes the final chapter? Many seem to think so, year after year. It’s this love/hate relationship some people have over the series as well. People don’t want the same thing thrown at their face. They often don’t want […]

Detective Pikachu So Far: The Good and the Bad

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu has dropped, showing off Legendary Studios’ depiction of what all Pokémon fans have dreamed of: Pokémon in the real world. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it down below. Based on the Pokémon spin-off title of the same name, the movie seems to follow a young man in search of his father with […]

Fred Rogers: Why Tom Hanks is a Good Portrayal

Fred Rogers - Tom Hanks

Fred Rogers growing up never had many friends, often made fun of for being overweight. As a lonely kid he would often create these imaginary worlds in his own bedroom using stuffed animals. He even had a ventriloquist dummy. It was a tough childhood for him, despite the amount of wealth built up around his […]

Modern Horror Films: The Mistakes Made

Modern Horror Film

Today’s modern horror film isn’t how it used to be. We used to have monsters, ghosts, and even animals that had given us all chills. In a way, we do still get those items, but with the exception of the chills. How many people can safely say they have been afraid to watch a movie […]

Halloween 2018 Review

The Boogeyman is back. During the opening credits of Halloween (2018), a rotted pumpkin springs back, inflates back to life as the names of the cast and crew are presented. The symbolism won’t be lost on horror fans as Halloween (2018) represents the resurrection of the long-suffering slasher franchise.

Horror Films: The First of Many!

Horror Classics

Most of us enjoy horror films year-round. Even though Halloween is considered a special occasion, there is no reason not to watch other months of the year. Some of the first horror movies were considered some of the best in cinema. There was little to no option in terms of choosing your favorite film. Nowadays […]