Many would say Ubisoft had a very strong showing back at E3. With so many titles on showcase and games to look forward to, you would think having more things to share would be problematic. At Gamescom, Ubisoft had no problems at all going into further details about their upcoming […]

Jump Force, Bandai Namco’s upcoming anime fighter, got a new trailer this Tuesday, and it included a few reveals that long-time fans of various anime ought to find very exciting. Among the new characters that were revealed were Sanji, Sabo, and Blackbeard from One Piece, Vegeta from Dragon Ball, and […]

From Software, the developers of the highly critically-acclaimed Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, has announced the release date for their upcoming title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. March 22, 2019, is the magic day for the highly-anticipated souls-like title, and we couldn’t be any more excited. Sekiro is shaping up to […]

Whether or not you’re upset at Battlefield V’s controversial inclusion of prosthetic limbs, DICE’s new FPS is fast-approaching. And while the full game officially launches in October, you’ll get to your hands on the game even sooner thanks to an open beta going live in a few short weeks. EA […]

Been hoping for some more third-party Switch support? Well buckle your seatbelts and prepare to be… slightly underwhelmed? European publisher Deep Silver announced that they’ll be porting Saint’s Row The Third to the Nintendo Switch! While it is exciting to get a critically acclaimed, open-world, story driven GTA-like in a […]