Sony showcasing at Tokyo Game Show 2018 refuses to disappoint. Day 3 starts off strongly with a Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer (Biohazard in Japan) with some gameplay, Fortnite competition, some God Eater 3 gameplay, then another healthy competition featuring Call of Duty: WWII, and afterwards some gameplay from Sekiro: […]

Tokyo Game Show 2018. Another day ended and did not disappoint. With Square Enix at the forefront, we see talks of Dragon Quest X, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Tokyo Dolls, hosted by Gems Company. Following alongside in a separate studio we see discussions involving Chocobo’s Mystery […]

The Tokyo Games Show 2018 continues as Capcom hit the show floor with many games for attendees to play and a couple trailers to boot. Some games which have already hit store shelves. And two trailers with reveals. Watch the whole thing here, if you wish, but here are the […]

Here is a Gamescom 2018 event recap of the big announcements and important news tidbits you may have missed. Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough and Update Following on from private demos at E3, a 48-minute walkthrough of the game has been revealed. CD Projekt Red has also confirmed the game is completely playable from […]

BattleTech is a brand new turn-based strategy title that was released this year. The developers have announced their first expansion to the base game called “Flashpoint.” This new expansion will include new BattleMechs, a new missions type, and a new biome. What makes Flashpoint unique for BattleTech fans is that […]

Many would say Ubisoft had a very strong showing back at E3. With so many titles on showcase and games to look forward to, you would think having more things to share would be problematic. At Gamescom, Ubisoft had no problems at all going into further details about their upcoming […]