EVO 2018 has come to a close again and with it, some of the best fights we’ve seen in gaming. If you were able to watch the stream on Sunday, you got to see some top quality skirmishes among the world’s best. While we all got to enjoy the fights, […]

As Rainbow Six: Siege continues to celebrate year three, the game continues to evolve. The next season will take us to Italy for the DLC Operations: Para Bellum. This will bring a new map and two new operators that specialize in false intelligence and counter-surveillance. During the finals of Rainbow Six: […]

With the Lunar New Year underway, Overwatch celebrates the Chinese New Year with new skins and a new map! Yet as exciting as it is to see these new additions, the core gameplay of Overwatch is always under close surveillance by players to see what kinds of changes will come to the game.  Recently, […]

Today marks the start of the first ever Overwatch league, and with it, a new chapter of eSports. ESports are on their way to becoming full-fledged franchises similar to the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Professional sports based on video games, also known as eSports, have been a part of the […]

Today marks the start of the OverWatch League!  With it, 312 new skins have added, and even some news of Blizzard World’s release. Waiting Outside The Gates For Opening Day Blizzard World, OverWatch‘s next map has had people excited for what it will bring.  From a new Hybrid map to […]