We’ve talked about certain shows having been turned into anime in my previous article. Now, it turns out that there have been a few Marvel and DC characters that have been given the same treatment. Ever wonder what Batman or Catwoman looks like as an anime character? Look no further […]

While sitting myself down on the couch, my thoughts were of anime. Some adapted from American-based cartoons looked good. So, it was worth checking out. What I discovered made me laugh, cry, and even watch another episode. It’s rare that something keeps my attention for that long, unless it gives […]

2018 was a big year for many franchises. With Dragon Ball, there was the season finale of DragonBall Super, Broly officially made canon in the Dragon Ball Super Movie, and Dragon Ball FighterZ becoming one of the biggest fighting games. There are a lot of goodies to excite the Dragon Ball enthusiasts and […]