The console war is an ongoing debate between gamers that’s lasted for years. The major superpowers of gaming, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, each have their own console in the fight, and whether it be through their game libraries, sales, or business decisions, each console offers something different. The question is, […]

Virtual reality has received many criticisms since its release in 2016 such as it being just a fad, too expensive, and being just plain bulky. Well that was three years ago when VR was new with not too many games making full use of the VR experience. Well now it’s […]

“Nintendo” and “video game console” are two terms that are practically synonymous. The company may have produced playing cards for more than half a century, but it’s not unreasonable to claim that no company has had more impact on video games than Nintendo. Over the last 30 years, Nintendo has […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Big Considering the video game industry has been around for nearly forty years, we cannot be a surprise to anybody that since video games have drastically increased in size. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a file size to complain about. Standing tall with […]