Castlevania has seen better years. The last one hasn’t released for five years, and it was received with generally negative reviews. Since developer Konami strayed away from traditional game development, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any new Castlevania games soon – but don’t lose all hope. At the very least, it seems like a collection is in the works.

The Australian Classification Board, the continent’s equivalent to the ESRB, rated a title called “Castlevania Anniversary Collection” earlier today. Aside from the classification (PG), publisher (Konami), and country of origin (UK), there really isn’t too much to glean from this leak, of sorts. But the implications and potential is extremely exciting.

What could it be?

What could be in this anniversary collection? A compilation of the 4 NES and early SNES games? Or is it a collection of the overlooked DS and Gameboy Advance titles? These are the two categories that the series is separated into, and they are both beloved by different demographics. People who grew up in the 80’s with Castlevania 1 and Simon’s Quest would be more likely to pick up an NES compilation, while kids of the 2000’s would lean towards the handheld titles.

You’d think the best way to predict the titles would be by the “anniversary” in the title. But we can’t quite tell what anniversary this collection would be celebrating. The first Castlevania will be turning 33 this year – not exactly a checkpoint number. Same goes for the other influential title, Symphony of The Night (turning 22 in a week). In fact, the only Castlevania games hitting a notable anniversary this year are games that didn’t exactly influence the franchise drastically – Dracula’s Curse (30 years old), Bloodlines (25 years), Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness (20 years), and Lords of Shadow 2 (5 years).

So what Anniversary is Konami celebrating? We’ll have to wait to find out.

The last Castlevania compilation wasn’t all too long ago. 2018’s Castlevania Requiem included one of the last linear title, Rondo of Blood, and the genre-defining Symphony of The Night. You can find this collection on PS4 for $20 USD.

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