After months of small leaks, Activision has officially announced the release of Warzone, Call of Duty’s free to play battle royale game. This comes after another footage leak was made today by Youtuber Chaos, whose video has since been taken down. Warzone will have a special early release tomorrow at 8am PDT for owners of Modern Warefare, and will be available for everyone else at 12pm PDT tomorrow.

Call of Duty: Warzone will have two distinct game modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. Battle Royale will be similar to other games of this type. Players can choose to do solo, duos, or trios in 150 player matches. The goal is to escape deadly gas that is closing in as players fight to be the last man standing. Plunder is where players compete to collect the most cash, which can be gotten by enemies or contracts. Contracts will be objectives given to a player or a group for them to complete for cash. In Battle Royale, this cash can be used for items, upgrades, and much more.

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One unique feature the Battle Royale game mode will have is something called The Gulag. Upon a player’s first elimination, they will be taken prisoner to a place where they can face another player 1v1 for the chance of redeployment. This gives players a unique second chance to compete that no other battle royale game has. Other than this, players can also do objectives or gain enough money to revive teammates who have died.

Both game modes will have access to ATVs, Tactical Rovers, SUVs, Cargo Trucks, and Helicopters. The announcement hints that these will be scattered across the map for players to find and use. Most likely, vehicles will be able to be purchased with plundered cash at buy stations as well, but not confirmed. Warzone has one huge map, called Verdansk, with over 300 unique points of interest and many named zones for players to explore.

Call of Duty: Warzone will be cross compatible in the same fashion as Modern Warfare. Also, those that already own Modern Warfare will have access to all of their weapons, upgrades, and operators. Modern Warfare players will also gain experience towards Battle Passes and their in-game level via Warzone. Any players who decide to get Modern Warfare after playing Warzone can transport any experience or items earned to the game.

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Source: Activision Blog Announcement


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