Call of Duty Modern Warfare Will Use Fortnite-Style Input Matchmaking For Cross-Play

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will support cross-play across platforms. A huge concern about this was how to manage the massive advantage that pc players have on console players, due to the use of mouse and keyboard. According to Forbes, the solution to the problem has been found in the use of input matchmaking. A system used by Epic Games to regulate Fortnite‘s cross-platform matchmaking.

Input matchmaking allows matching players that use similar input devices with one another. Therefore, a console player can play with a pc player, if the latter uses a controller. Instead, the matchmaking system won’t match the console players with pc players that use mouse and keyboard.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Source: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trailer

An exception is made in the case of parties or groups. If a member of a party uses mouse and keyboard, the entire group will be matched with mouse and keyboard users, even if the rest of the members use a controller.

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Fortnite has been the first one to achieve cross-play across all platforms, despite Sony‘s initial resistance into permitting it. Now, it’s Call of Duty‘s turn. Thus, Call of Duty Modern Warfare cross-play will spread across PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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