Zombies are back! Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has revealed an in-depth first look trailer for the new Zombies mode. Zombies mode is a reoccurring and popular mode featured in many Call of Duty games in the past. Where weapons, power-ups, mayhem reigns supreme in a co-op horde mode filled to the brim with terrifying zombies. One trailer titled, “Die Maschine Intro Cinematic” hints at a new narrative surrounding the frantic mode. The story called, “Die Maschine” will take place within the ’80s. There you take control of a militarized strike team called “Omega Group” excavating an old bunker in the hunt for secrets.

The “first look” trailer showed off plenty of gameplay as well as details and insight from the developers. Players will join up to four players cooperatively in various stages and locales within the map. They will survive using an assortment of weapons, perks, and a brand new method of dispatching enemies with support equipment. Support equipment featured in the trailer includes a turret gun or calling an attack chopper. Although there are new weapons to mow down terrorizing enemies, there are returning weapons such as the fan-favorite Ray Gun to utilize as well.

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More details are explained on the official Call of Duty site. Zombies mode will feature cross-play between platforms as well as a battle pass progression system. Also, Zombies mode will be available on launch day when Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War releases on November 13th.

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