Call of Duty 2020 incarnation’s development is in turmoil due to a sudden change at the lead of the project. Initially, Sledgehammer has been put in charge of developing the 2020 Call of Duty chapter, set during the Cold War, taking the torch from Infinity Ward that is working on the 2019 Call of Duty, that in turn did the same with past year chapter’s developer Treyarch. Respecting the cycle that since 2012 has seen the three studios alternate each other at the lead of Call of Duty development.

At first, according to Kotaku’s sources, Activision decided to place Raven Software at the leadership of the project alongside Sledgehammer. But recently the situation changed. In fact, Treyarch is now in charge of development.

Call of Duty

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Treyarch, therefore, won’t count on the usual time of three years to develop its game, but only on two. A situation that divided the people at the company. Some are excited at the idea since they have a solid game plan that wouldn’t change much. But others are against it because they expect some rough crunch times, similar to what happened on Black Ops 4.

The cause for this sudden change seems to be the tension between Sledgehammer and Raven. With the two apparently arguing consistently during the development. To make things worst there is the stormy situation within Sledgehammer that saw its co-founders, Michael Condrey, and Glen Schofield leave the studio, followed by many other employees.

Though, Raven Software and Sledgehammer will remain involved in the project in the role of support studios. They will use the work they’ve done on their game to create a single-player mode for Treyarch‘s Black Ops 5, that will be set in the Cold War, as well.

Do you think the 2020 Call of Duty chapter quality will suffer from this change? Or will it benefit from it? Let us know in the comments below! For other news, check out our articles on New AAA Game Development Team Forms For Xbox or John Wick Set Now Available in Fortnite.  And if you want more Call of Duty content, keep it here at Culture of Gaming!





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