C64 Mini and The 64 coming in 2018

The C64 Mini and the 64 are re-imaginings of the Commodore 64. Koch Media is responsible for publishing the systems.

Both consoles include an HDMI output, joystick, and 2 USB ports. The 64 also includes an audio jack and an SD card reader.

Features on the system include saving game functionality, pixel filter options, and an accurate C64 experience.

The C64 Mini includes 64 games built-in. The site lists classics like Uridium, Paradroid, Hawkeye, and Monty Mole. You can see a more detailed list of the games available at this link.  The 64 currently doesn’t list many games. The only game that appears is Sam’s Journey. It is a new platformer for the 64 system but will not available for the C64 Mini. More details will most likely be available closer to launch.

Prices for both systems were revealed. The C64 Mini will sell for $69.99 USD. The 64 is currently priced at $150 USD and is available for pre-order.  It does emphasize that you may be waiting to receive the 64.

With the success of Nintendo’s classic consoles, Retro Games is releasing a Commodore 64 Mini and Commodore 64 in 2018.  The two systems will have some differences but mostly will be games and some inputs.

Do you want another Mini console? Feel free to comment below.

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