Burnt Horizon Update Revealed for Rainbow Six Siege

Three years after release, Ubisoft continues to support Rainbow Six Siege, and the latest set is the Australia-themed Burnt Horizon. Similar to their previous packs, this DLC will contain a new map and two operators.

From the short teaser that Ubisoft uploaded earlier today, we can see the new map, “Service Station” in action. It’s a worn-down gas-station/motel, complete with a mechanic shop and a roadhouse. Operators will have to weave in and out of the tight cluster of buildings and risk the blistering heat of the Australian desert to procure hostages.

Along with this new map comes a duo of Australian operators: Mozzie and Gridlock. Both hail from Australia. While we don’t know much about these operators quite yet, a post from Resetera a month and a half ago might clue us in on what their move-set will be like. Before Ubisoft even announced the Australian update, Resetera user “Kormora” claimed they had an “industry friend who spoiled the next ops.”

According to Komora, Gridlock is an attacker, equipped with a “red web tracker” that makes noise when defenders stumble into it. Meanwhile, Mozzie is a defender who wields a device to control enemy drones.

If those details aren’t conclusive enough for you, be patient. Ubisoft will show the full reveal for Burnt Horizon during the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational tournament on February 17. The operators and map will release around March 5. Stay tuned to Ubisoft’s YouTube channel for the full reveal.

For more on Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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