Hey, you! Do you remember BurgerTime? Well I don’t, I have never played the hit 80’s classic game in my life. But I was recently provided with an early copy of BurgerTime Party! for the Nintendo Switch, thanks to the teams at Xseed Games & G-Mode. BurgerTime Party! is a re-imagining of the classic BurgerTime game with a few new additions to keep it fresh. But will this new game be a welcomed addition to the BurgerTime lineup or will it be a disastrous game trying to cash in on nostalgia from fans? Well, let’s find out.

Y’all Should Know What BurgerTime Is!

I would assume most people know what BurgerTime is. But allow me to explain for those who never grew up with it or have never seen this franchise before. BurgerTime is an arcade classic where the objective of the game is to make burgers. You, of course, have enemies in the way that you must avoid. In addition, you can get extra points for killing these enemies with the falling burger pieces. It was a relatively simple game that was addictive in the ’80s.

Burger Time Party! For Nintendo Switch Review

Image provided by Xseed Games.

Now that I’ve explained the original game’s mechanics, let’s talk about its successor, BurgerTime Party! This new game stays true to the original, but still manages to feel fresh and new as well. It has many new game modes and features, such as new enemies, a new art style, and most importantly, multiplayer!

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What’s New, Chef?

So starting off, I’ll talk about the single-player content that I was able to play. The “Solo Burger” mode’s first couple of stages act as tutorial levels which teach players both new and old about the franchise and how this game and it’s new features work. These include enemy types, contraptions like drawable bridges, ladders, and other special items. Once you’ve completed the first couple of stages, you proceed to the actual challenge stages of the game. You can complete a stage by achieving a bronze star, but the real challenge lies in obtaining a gold star.

Burger Time Party! For Nintendo Switch Review

Image provided by Xseed Games.

The second mode is “Main Burger”. This mode features 1-4 player gameplay with bigger and more challenging stages. Lastly, the third mode is “Battle Burger”, a versus. mode, is the name implies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to play much of either “Main Burger” or “Battle Burger” due to my friends’ lack of availability during the time I had to review BurgerTime Party! From what I played, I really enjoyed the two modes for what they were, but I can see them modes getting a bit repetitive with continued play. There’s also an online ranked mode, but it was inaccessible because the game had not yet released.

Lacklustre Seasoning On Top

Unfortunately, my biggest gripe with the game are the technical aspects. Let me start with the art style. For me, it just seems like a cheap, cartoony, Flash art style with below-average animations. The character designs are nothing special, especially for Peter Pepper who looks so forgettable. The only saving grace in terms of the visual design of the game is the colour scheme. The colours do pop out well, giving the game a nice arcade vibe.

Burger Time Party! For Nintendo Switch Review

Image provided by Xseed Games.

The audio aspect isn’t much to write home about either. The sound effects are okay at best, and if I’m going to honest, I barely noticed half of it while playing the game. I’d expect the “scoring points” sound to be a lot more satisfying in an arcade game than what we got in BurgerTime Party! I didn’t mind the music — it’s not memorable by any means, but it serves its role well enough. I probably only remember the main menu’s theme song.

Final Verdict

In the end, I did have an enjoyable time with Burger Time Party! It was fun for what it was, the multiplayer modes offer some fun options for parties if you’re with friends and families. However, I found the art style was lacking, the sound and music were forgettable, and worst of all, the game got a bit repetitive after only two hours of play. I’d recommend playing this game only in short bursts while you’re on the go in handheld mode on the Switch.

You can buy the game for $19.99 on Nintendo Switch and it’s online EShop on October 8th.

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Fun In Short Bursts
Great Options For Multiplayer
Poor Art Design
Forgettable Music
Could Get Repetitive

Review Summary

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