Those of us who play video games likely have a great love for certain developers. While we may love some and absolutely hate others, it does not motivate the majority of us to break the law or get into online shouting matches with developers. But has the game Half-life ever motivated you to do something borderline insane?

Valve, developers of the Half-Life series and Steam PC client, recently had a break-in at their HQ. Most of us would never think to break into any developer studio or home base. But it was one man’s sole mission to breach the popular developer’s base of operations.

32 year old Shawn Shaputis is no stranger to run-ins with the law. He had been previous arrested for allegedly stealing a Fedex truck back in 2018. When Shaputis breached the company’s offices, he didn’t just hit it once. He broke in four times and stole what amounted to about $40,000 in equipment and games. Looking to compete for the Darwin Award, Shaputis actually sold the stolen games at a local Gamestop.

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Thanks to security footage, Valve was able to bring a case against Shaputis that is now equivalent to six warrants, all from previous charges. Shaputis’ failure to appear for Valve’s case against him will result in an 8th warrant.

The end result of this odd case remains to be seen. We will have to wait and see exactly what Valve is demanding.

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