Blizzcon is underway and the opening ceremony gave us more information in terms of ongoing games. We here at Culture of Gaming will discuss a variety of games throughout the weekend, so will keep a lookout on Culture of Gaming for more Blizzard related articles. For now, let’s talk Warcraft.

As one of the main three staples of Blizzard, Warcraft holds a special place in our hearts. From the Real-Time Strategy games of yesteryear to the more recent giant MMO powerhouse and card game. We got four big announces related to Warcraft and while we knew about three of them, the 4th is actually a special one. So let’s dive straight in and see what goodies are coming up.

Hearthstone Prepares for a Rumble

Hearthstone continues its ongoing support with their next expansion: Rastakhan’s Rumble. The theme of the Rumble covers the trolls and will bring a wide variety of new special goodies to the game. There will be 135 new cards to collect as well as a special new keyword: Overkill, which lets you attack again should the attack take out a minion. There will also be a new single-player campaign to enjoy as you prove to everyone who the strongest in Azeroth is.

The Rumble gets underway December 4. If you pre-purchase one of two bundles that can get you either 17 card packs and the “Ready to Rumble” card back or the 50 card pack with the card back and the new Shaman hero: King Rastakhan.

World of Warcraft Expands to the Future and the Past

The War is heating up as we have the next major update coming to World of Warcraft: Tides of Vengence. With the new cinematic, Lost Honor, a new Raid will be coming called Battle for Dazar’alor. What makes this Raid special is that it plays out in two different fashions. This is dependent on the side you choose. You can bet that the war is only going to escalate from here as both sides will continue to tear each other apart until one is left standing.

For those of you waiting for World of Warcraft Classic, your wait will be for much longer. We did get a release window for the game when it was in a simpler time (and not so destroyed) that will come out in Summer 2019.

Warcraft 3 Getting a Remastered with Reforged

As we near the 20th anniversary of Warcraft 3, Blizzard chose to jump the gun early and give us the special remastering for Warcraft 3 Reforged. This will cover the original game from 2002 as well as The Frozen Throne expansion. The game itself is a “complete reimagining” of the original game. All character models will get an update alongside with all the game’s cutscenes being remade.

Warcraft 3 touched many people through a variety of ways if you think about it.  It was the prelude to World of Warcraft, Blizzard taking their next step into making high-quality games, and a certain genre that got started up thanks to the hero class system. Prepare to the Reign of Chaos in 2019.

So What Do You Think?

Which Warcraft related news are you excited to see? Are you going to get or participate in any of these upcoming titles and updates? Be sure to follow us here as we will have plenty more Blizzcon related articles coming soon. And Keep an eye out for the tournaments for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft happening throughout this weekend. You can still purchase the virtual ticket now to watch these and other esports compeitions go down at Blizzcon.

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