Blizzard announced Overwatch’s latest Haitian Medic, Baptiste (pronounced “Ba-teest”) a couple of weeks ago, but he’s only been available on PTR (Public Test Region) since that announcement. Great news: today, Blizzard announced the character’s full public release date. He’ll be available on the public modes next Friday, March 19.

When Baptiste landed on the PTR a couple weeks back, Overwatch fans were surprised by his Immortality Field skill. By throwing a force-field-deploying device on the ground, teammates are healed up to 20% and completely invulnerable. Not only that, but the device ricochets against walls, making it easier for Baptiste to protect his teammates. Some have called this ability overpowered, others simply think it will change shake the meta-game up a bit.

Baptiste’s central hook is his competency as both a fighter and medic. His Shift skill, Regenerative Burst, quickly heals nearby allies, while his heavy triple-firing biotic launcher deals damage in short bursts. Meanwhile, his Exo Boots allow Baptiste to crouch for a bit to drastically increase his jump height, reaching inaccessible areas and vantage points much quicker.

Overall, Baptiste moves and shoots similarly to Soldier 76, but with a set of healing and other tactical options that ought to make him stand out from the rest of the cast. We look forward to playing as him on the 19th.

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