Gaming Beast? – Black Shark 2 Review

Quite a lot of phones now are starting to enter the phone market place with a large emphasis on gaming. But most of them have reached a price tag equivalent to a flagship series phone. So what options are available if you are on a budget? That is where the Black Shark 2 steps in. And with this review, you can learn all you need to know about this device.


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The Days When My Mother Was There – Shoji Meguro

Chill Day – Lakey Inspired

Nostalgia – Johny Grimes

Better Days – Lakey Inspired

Top tier performance
Price point of $550 (INSANE)
Stylish looks
27w fast charging
Dual front firing speakers
60hz screen
No headphone jack
Needs a couple Q.O.L. improvements in the software

Review Summary

If you are looking for a top tier phone in performance, The Black Shark 2 is a solid choice to consider. But if that was not enough, the phone offers the best bang for your buck, and style to boot. So if you are on the fence of this phone, go for it. Hell, even if the Black Shark 2 is not on your list of candidates, add it on. You will not regret this investment.

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