Black Desert Online Keynote Scheduled for December

Fans of popular MMO Black Desert Online will be excited to hear that new content will be coming to the game soon. Pearl Abyss, developers of BDO, will be showing off this new content on the upcoming Black Desert Festa in Seoul, South Korea. While Pearl Abyss is being secretive about the full extent of the announcements, they have made clear that they’ll detail more information about the archer, BDO’s seventeenth class.

Black Desert Online
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While the keynote will livestream in Korea, Pearl Abyss has stated that to reach Western audiences, “the event will be fully live streamed with the keynote section subtitled in English.” Pearl Abyss also went out of their way to say that content creators can feel free to host the Black Desert Online keynote on their own Twitch channel.

BDO is also wrapping up its “Celebrating Millions” event to commemorate hitting ten million registered users. For a game that only released a couple years ago, that’s not a bad player-base size. Players of BDO can log on right now to earn a massive 1000% EXP bonus.

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Black Desert Online
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The New Guy on the MMO Block

This is an important year for Black Desert Online. Besides hitting its second anniversary just this last February, the game received a remastered edition in August to overhaul the graphics, textures, and a new collection of orchestral music. When this remastered collection released, BDO saw a huge increase in their base of players; returning player-count was up by 103.6 percent and the number of new players increased by 24.6 percent (Source).

Black Desert Online certainly isn’t the most-played MMO out there. World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion, Battle For Azeroth sold more than 3 million copies in its first day, and brought WoW’s active player-base back up to 10 million players (Source). Final Fantasy 14 surpassed 14 million users (including free accounts) in August (Source). But considering that BDO is significantly younger than both of those games, it’s still quite the feat that Pearl Abyss has pulled off.

To watch Black Desert Online’s keynote when it goes live on December 1st, be sure to check out their Twitch channel and visit their website. And for all other things gaming-related, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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