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To say that Anthem’s launch has been a bit rocky would be an understatement. Since launch, BioWare’s most recent game has been panned by critics. It’s sitting at a 56 on Metacritic at the time of writing. One of the game’s most frustrating problems are the save times and bugs. This includes a recent PS4-exclusive bug that caused some users PS4’s to hard-crash. Luckily for anyone potentially facing this issue, EA and BioWare have publicly addressed the bug, and are doing their best to fix it.

The Twitter support account for EA games, EA Help, posted the following Tweet a few mere hours ago:

The Tweet links to a thread on EA’s Answers HQ website, prompting players to report the details of their PS4 crashes. If the Anthem crash has affected your PS4 unit, we strongly recommend you heading to the website and reporting the incident; it could help the employees at BioWare fix the issue and avoid it from happening to more people

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