Fallout 76’s launch has been darn-well near a disaster. Buggy interruptions, an empty audio log-filled world, poor critical reception – and to top it all off, a misconstrued special edition. Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition, set at a whopping $200USD, was supposed to come with a few bonus trinkets, including a Fallout-themed canvas bag. However, due to cost-constraints, Bethesda had to remove the canvas bag in favor of a cheaper, less durable nylon bag. Problem is, they didn’t let fans who had pre-ordered Fallout 76 know until it was too late, leading to flurries of angry tweets from die-hard fans of the series. Despite all that, Bethesda is doing their very best to right the ship.

In the face of possible legal action due to deceptive advertising, Bethesda is replacing the nylon bags with proper, sturdy canvas replacements. In a statement on Twitter, Bethesda declared that they are “finalizing manufacturing plans for replacement canvas bags for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition.” They have also dedicated an entire portion of their support page to requests for canvas replacements. If you’re disappointed with your special edition bundle, be sure to hop onto the site while the offer stands.

The Broader Impact

While it’s doubtful that the canvas fiasco will be remembered years from now, it has still poured gasoline on the flames of Fallout 76’s release. Bethesda has severely let their fans down; can they redeem themselves and expand FO76 into a worthwhile game? It’s possible. Many point to games like Destiny and Rainbow Six Siege that did alright at first, but through continual support grew into fantastic online games with massive communities. Is FO76 too far gone to be salvage? Only time can tell.

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For now, be sure to return your nylon bags – Bethesda is at least offering to fix that mess. For more on Bethesda and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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